Wednesday, August 18, 2010

El Prado

 Sunday, July 18, 2010

I returned to El Prado the following Sunday to find it filled with activity. Each Sunday morning there is a street fair in the area, where local groups perform dancing and music, local artists and artisans sell their wares, and homemade food and kids games abound. From here I walked for most of the day up and down the streets of downtown, finally ending up in Obrajes where I work.

Pork anyone?

I'm pretty much obsessed with these chimney toppers...


Beautiful mural...notice the shards of glass lining the top of the wall.

The door obsession continues...

I had to take this one quickly before the woman who owned it turned
around. It's a strict no-no to take photos of pretty much anything here,
which is why most of my photos are of people's backs. I've been chased
away countless times by wagging index fingers and long strings of
incomprehensible Spanish. 


I received quite a few disapproving looks as I knelt down on the sidewalk
and reached my arms through the fence to take this one...

Street art!


Blue reflection caused by...

This building.

Ilimani looms in the distance.

Gas station architecture

Reflections in glass and lace.

A view of one of the new bridges (they are about to complete a series of three)
through a hole in the stone wall.

Remnants of campaign flyers are everywhere... is this sticker.

Doors galore...

Flower gazebo!

Depiction of the three bridges being constructed; I love the creepy face
at the top of each pillar.



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