Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Follow the Signs...

It's always entertaining to see how other cultures pictorially communicate important public information. Here are some of my favorites from La Paz...

Always marked, never heeded... 

His ankle never saw that knee-high sidewalk coming.

Mother/daughter bobble head crossing. 
(Also in this collection but not shown here are: Running mother/daughter bobble head,
Obese mother/daughter bobble head, and Obese mother/daughter small head bobble head)

"Danger in General" 
This was placed on the threshold to one of the new bridges
that crosses over what is easily a 300 foot precipice. The bridge is not finished and is 
an open construction zone; however hoards of pedestrians make their way across it
at all hours of the day. "Yeaaah...this one's gonna be hard to narrow down ... "

You know he's a university student because he's tucked his preppy 
frat sweater into his Hammer pants. 

...And because he's crossing the street in his socks.

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